Reliance crossing finish-line August 25th, 1903Reliance is celebrated as one of the most famous America’s Cup yachts of all time. She was the largest yacht that has ever participated in the America’s Cup, carrying more sail than any other single-masted boat before. She was constructed by Nathanael Greene Herreshoff – America’s greatest naval architect, also known as the Wizard of Bristol, who had built five America’s Cup yachts overall.

On April 11, 1903, after six months of construction, Reliance was launched at the Herresshoff yard in Bristol, Rhode Island. In the summer of 1903, she bested her America’s Cup challenger, Sir Thomas Lipton’s Shamrock III, in all three races.

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America's cup yacht RELIANCE as 3D CAD modelThis masterpiece of early naval architecture is being recreated in 1/32 scale using rivet bonding as the only bonding technique.

AN RELIANCE (without showcase):

  • Length over all (LOA): 1,37 m (4,49 ft)
  • Length waterline: 0,86 m (2,82 ft)
  • Legth bowsprit – boom head: 1,91 m (6,27 ft)
  • Width: 0,25 m (0,82 ft)
  • Draft: 0,19 m (0,62 ft)
  • Height topmast: 1,90 m (6,23 ft)
  • Length boom: 1,03 m (3,37 ft)