Herzogin Cecilie from 1903In books and newspapers of the 1930s, Herzogin Cecilie has been described “as the most beautiful and famous cargo sailing ship in the world“. On behalf of Norddeutscher Lloyd, she was constructed on the Rickmers yard in Geestemuende, and was launched on April 22, 1902.

Over 30 years she sailed the seas under various flags, most recently for the Finnish shipowner Gustaf Erikson. On January 18, 1939, she sank off of the English south coast.


Model HERZOGIN CECILIE 1902 (in construction)This masterpiece of German art of engineering has been partially reconstructed in 1/50 scale to prove the acquired knowledge, unique methods and techniques about micro-riveting.

AN HERZOGIN CECILIE (without showcase):

  • Length over all (LOA): 2,05 m (6,73 ft)
  • Length waterline: 0,86 m (2,82 ft)
  • Legth bowsprit – boom head: 1,91 m (6,27 ft)
  • Width: 0,28 m (0,92 ft)
  • Draft: 0,15 m (0,49 ft)
  • Height topmast: 0,80 m (2,62 ft)