Rivet production for Reliance complete.

Rivet production for Reliance complete.

Today (July 19th, 2013) we completed your rivet production for the AN-RELIANCE. From our original drawing from 1902 we know that Nathanael Herreshoff calculated with app. 62,360 rivets for the Reliance.

Rivet inventory for the AN-RELIANCE. Ready for building.

Ranging from 3/8 in (9.53mm) to 1/2 in (12.7mm) in diameter and from 11/16 in (17.46mm) to 4 1/2 (114.3mm) in length. App 1,200 rivets are in each of the bags (in the picture above), waiting to be build in.

Rivets of different length separated in boxes

All rivets have been made originally from Tobin Bronze.

Micro rivets

For the AN-RELIANCE in the 1/32 scale we use rivets from 0.3mm to 0.8mm in diameter and in various length according to the plate thickness and number of plates lay on top of each other.
We use a special alloy made for us.


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  1. morena

    I need small rivets as the ones you have here in the photos. and I can buy them? thanks

    how much? I write from Italy. I need small supply. perhaps 500 pieces size 0.8 mm

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