The new ARTEFICIA NAVALIS homepage

Dear visitors,

We are proud to present to you the new ARTEFICIA NAVALIS homepage.

Our old homepage has worked well within the last four years. However, technology is moving fast and we would like to interact better with you. That’s why we have changed the concept and technology behind it.

But there is one more reason. Great events are often foreshadowed. We decided to inform you regularly on our progress, construction and production of our AN artifacts. We have chosen the Blog style so that you can not only read about the glorious mysteries and stories of ARTEFICIA NAVALIS but also to get in contact with us directly.

We are looking forward to your comments and messages to our blog posts.

Please let us know if you have any ideas, questions and suggestions for us.

Dr. Karsten Busch and Ulrich Maehl


  1. Good morning!

    Since my childhood I have been fascinated by the history of the four-masted barque Herzogin Cecile. As a result I have every book ever published about her! My collection also includes original photographs of the barque under both German and Finnish flags, and a large watercolour painting that I had commissioned many years ago. At one point I was in regular correspondence with Dr Juergen Meyer who provided additional information about the barque.

    The project by your good selves to build a model replicating the same construction methodology as the full-size ship is therefore of particular interest! I am very impressed with your work! Is it your intention to build the whole ship, including masts and spars?

    I am also an amateur ship model builder (I was the former assistant editor of the journal Model Shipwright). I would be interested to know if you plan on making the rivet technology available to amateurs such as myself? Maybe via a shared and joint online build, but maybe not as a large a vessel as the Herzongin Cecile!

    Anyway, congratulations on an interesting and fascinating project. I look forward to seeing progress on the Herzogin Cecile and about other projects!

    With best wishes from Scotland!

    Michael Leek

    • Hi Michael,

      thanks for your msg. Our vision still is to build the Herzogin Cecilie. But not now. Right now we are more in smaller vessels because more than 400.000 rivets are quite a lot of work. We can’t say what we are working on right now, but it will be amazing. We don’t plan on selling the rivet-technology to the public. We have worked on that for a loooooong time.

      Hope to see you soon again on our website.


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