Customer tour

Detail: pipe-tunnel on HERZOGIN CECILIE
ARTEFICIA NAVALIS is pleased to welcome visitors who are either AN artifacts owners, or about to become one, at its historic miniaturized “wharf” in Hamburg, Germany. The experience of seeing and understanding the way their elaborate artifacts are made will deepen the pleasure of ownership. And anyone, who is interested in the beauty and complexity of elaborate handcraft and naval engineering, is welcome.

Herzogin CecilieWith regard to you, your time, tastes and interests, you will explore the wonderful world of ARTEFICIA NAVALIS together with our founding members:

  • Viewing original shipyard-plans, historic pictures and contemporary academic literature
  • Learning about the unique manufacturing process of miniaturized rivet bonding
  • Hearing stories, myths and legends about the various maritime exhibits
  • Feeling exemplary micro-rivets, metal and wooden parts of the AN artifacts


Original blueprint of Herzogin Cecilie 1901Whether you can only spare an hour or intend to stay the whole day to select your own AN artifact, our founders will help you to make the best of every moment. To make your journey an unforgettable experience we ask you to book your visit by sending a request by e-mail or contacting us by phone:

Phone: +49 40 401 79 10
Email: info(at)

We can also assist you in booking your flights, your particular hotel and your memorable stay in Hamburg.