Herzogin Cecilie in 1902 at shipyard
ARTEFICIA NAVALIS manufactures maritime legends – such as America’s Cup yachts – consisting of 5,000 to 650,000 metal parts and micro-rivets. Each metal part, including all rivet holes, are reconstructed with the newest technology (from automobile, electric and medical engineering) and are hand-polished before further processing, following an intensive and careful research of original construction plans, all available historic pictures and contemporary academic literature.

Moreover, all micro-rivets are precisely handcrafted, using the developed in-house electronic controlled production line. Each rivet is then placed in the precisely drilled hole with micro-tweezers and handled with purpose-built tongs. Finally, each AN artifact is marked by a hidden and unknown attribute, it is signed by the two founders, and it is electroplated with 23k gold to make yesteryear’s maritime legends golden heritage come alive.


Plating on HERZOGIN CECILIEARTEFICIA NAVALIS considers itself as a miniaturized historical “wharf”, which differs from a contemporary boat builder’s yards in terms of its manufacturing technique only in the scale of its exhibits as well as in the rescaling of its tools and materials. In this elaborate handwork unique and authentic artifacts from fascinating elegance and timeless value arise.


Micro rivetsA rivet is a cylindrical metal bolt with a thick end, the head. The bold is stuck through the pre-drilled holes of two or more overlapping work pieces and is then deformed by pressure in order to connect the corresponding work pieces. ARTEFICIA NAVALIS produces miniature scale rivets in different length and size in-house (0.5 mm to 0.8 mm). They consist of a lead-free special alloy. Every single rivet is placed in the precisely drilled hole using micro-tweezers and is then grouted by purpose-built tongs. ARTEFICIA NAVALIS guarantees that every bonding of metal parts is made with rivets – without exception. Glue and soldering are principally not used.


Pumps on HERZOGIN CECILIE modelIn the former century, maritime legends were primarily made of angle iron and sheets of steel.
ARTEFICIA NAVALIS recreates all of these parts – including the drilling holes – with the newest engineering technology according to the original shipyard-plans.
All metal parts are then etched in brass-plates, shaped with special-built microcantilevers and high-polished by hand. The maximum possible precision is necessary, as every drilling hole has to accommodate the micro-rivet with a tolerance of less than 1/100 mm.
All cast parts of metal, on the other hand, are reproduced with 3D-wax-printers and brass casted in vacuum moulds.


Gold as one materials used for AN artifactsARTEFICIA NAVALIS artifacts are made with accomplished precision and perfection. Highest requirements on quality and workmanship of the materials used are demanded. Nothing is left to chance: selection, validation, and workmanship all conform to specifications with the highest accuracy.
For all AN artifacts premium-quality materials are used without exception.


Details von JUNGFERNBRUECKE during manufactoryParts made of wood are primed, sanded, waxed and polished by the artisans.
All metal parts are hand-polished by the artisans before further processing.
Riveted and screwed assemblies are finally electroplated with 23k gold.
Through these elaborate finishing processes ARTEFICIA NAVALIS artifacts get their fascinating beauty, elegance, and timeless value.


Manufactory: rivitingIn our manufactory, high-skilled and experienced artisans work on the exclusive ARTEFICIA NAVALIS artifacts. Their skilled perfectionism and passion is the best guarantee that each and every artifact is incomparable and perfect.
To make the maritime legends true to original, up to 650,000 parts and rivets have to fit exactly and have to pass a first quality check and surface treatment. Every micro-rivet is placed in the designated hole with special micro-tweezers and then grouted with various, compatible tongs into a friction-locked bonding. Single parts are then fixed together by the artisans to an assembly group.


Model JUNGFERNBRUECKE 1888Exclusive craftsmanship with guaranteed quality. For ARTEFICIA NAVALIS we have chosen the term “manufactory” with caution, because in this term, we put our values into practice in the production of the artifacts. In this regard, quality control plays a significant role. Principally, before producing a new artifact series, a prototype is built to verify the results of the digital reconstruction. After each working step, the single parts and assembly groups undergo a stringent examination. Only absolutely perfect artifacts leave our manufactory after a strict final inspection – with an engraved signature by the founders Dr. Karsten Busch and Ulrich Maehl.