To construct and build riveted America’s Cup yachts, vessel legends, bridge wonders, and other maritime contemporary masterpieces of the 19th and 20th century in the same manner as it was done more than a century ago, ARTEFICIA NAVALIS achieves this unique aspiration due to her researched resources. Every beautiful and elegant exhibit is by itself an “original” – identical in interior and exterior design and construction.

Authentic resources are absolutely necessary for a “true to original” reconstruction. By their worldwide intensive research, ARTEFICIA NAVALIS has built up a substantial archive of original shipyard-plans and contemporary photos throughout the last 10 years. These include America’s Cup yachts (e.g. Defender (1895), Columbia (1899), and Reliance (1903)), deep water sailing ships (e.g. three, four and five mast barques such as the Herzogin Cecilie (1902), Pamir (1905), R.C. Rickmer (1906), and Peking (1911)) and bridges (e.g. Jungfernbruecke, Hamburg (1888)). This mystical archive is completed by an exquisite collection of historical academic literature from the years 1890 to 1925, particularly on the iron and steel naval architecture in rivet bonding.

ARTEFICIA NAVALIS pursues the goal of finding additional maritime construction plans and contemporary photos from all over the world – to honour unique and man-made achievements in time. These include, in addition to yachts and vessel legends, aesthetic and world-renowned bridges including the Tower Bridge in London (1894), the Brooklyn Bridge in New York (1883), and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (1937) as well as famous lighthouses such as the Roter Sand in the north sea (1885).