ARTEFICIA NAVALIS has chosen the America’s Cup yacht RELIANCE (1903) as their first masterpiece for the international market as it reflects the values of our company.

In view of our vision, six priorities reflect the fundamental values shared by our artisan, sales ambassador, manager and founders:

  • Power of teamwork
  • Man-made
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Mastering the challenge
  • Aim of artifact excellence
  • Passionate determination

Power of teamwork

Reliance crossing finish-line August 25, 1903The company is a small team, a crew, a ship owner’s family. Each member – the artisan who passionately makes the artifact, the sales ambassador who shares the brand’s depth with the customer, the manager and founders who embody the idea and nostalgia of the “wharf”. They all work hand in hand to understand each other’s angles, to find the best of all possible solutions, to give honest advice and to share and enjoy the spirit as everyone is committed to the company’s vision.


Manufactory. RivitingAll members consider their company as a miniaturized historic “wharf”. They make chosen maritime legends by using their creative artistic hands. They honor the unique and man-made achievements of former generations and embody the new soul of the maritime artifacts. They use their talent, motivation and hard work to leave a golden heritage that will survive them.

Cutting-edge technology

CAD construction of HERZOGIN CECILIEThe company’s members combine skilled handcraft and sophisticated technology to show the beauty of the original legends right down to the smallest detail. They are determined to nurture and grow their distinctive skills, technical tools and machines. They use and seek the newest engineering technology (from automobile, electric and medical engineering) to redraft historic construction plans and to redesign all rivets and parts, laying the keel of their AN artifacts.

Mastering the challenge

Historic blueprint of Herzogin Cecilie 1901All company members take on every new challenge – the reading of historic construction plans, the building of new vessels, yachts and bridges or the development of skills, tools and techniques – with the aim to recreate the world’s most beautiful and timeless maritime masterpieces. They have a sense of ongoing learning, acquisition of expertise and continual improvement, reflecting their endless pursuit of excellence, as an artisan’s advancement never comes to an end.

Aim for artifact excellence

Pumps on HERZOGIN CECILIE modelAll company members pay the closest attention to every detail to ensure the absolute perfection of their AN artifacts. They put their all-encompassing expertise, passion and ambition in the quality, reliability and finish of their exhibits, symbolizing at the very heart the traditional notion of craftsmanship. They constantly strive to improve their skills, knowledge and principles to achieve impeccable quality. They make their customers feel welcomed at the AN “wharf”, perceiving the quality all around them.

Passionate determination

Reliance in drydockAll company members are both passionate about the world of sailing and are attracted to manual things: drawing, crafting and metalwork. They touch and handle every single rivet and part with their own hands, closing their eyes to imagine the finished artifact – until its christening. They share fascinating stories and myths behind the particular owners and maritime legends. They devote their attention to make yesteryear’s beauty of maritime masterpieces a golden heritage for future generations.