Pursuit of excellence




Wooden floor and free view into water ballast tank on HERZOGIN CECILIE
ARTEFICIA NAVALIS pays the closest attention to each and every detail along the entire creation process to ensure the absolute perfection of the AN artifact. To make maritime legends come alive, the artisans put their all-encompassing expertise, talent and passion in multiple man-months or man-years of research – in searching, reviewing and comparing original construction plans, historic pictures and contemporary academic literature to digitally recreate the artifact true to original.
Further, in three to thirty man-months – depending on the chosen exhibit – the artisans write a thoroughly detailed construction manual, they perfectly redesign all parts and micro-rivets, and they build a prototype of the particular man-made achievement in time.

This lays the keel of the AN artifact. In nearly the same period of time, the artisans handle and fit up to 650,000 parts and micro-rivets with ultimate precision and absolute perfection. All established single parts and assembly groups undergo a parallel stringent examination to ensure the quality, reliability and finish of their elaborate handwork. Only absolutely perfect AN artifacts finally leave the “wharf” – electroplated in 23k gold and with an engraved signature by the founders Dr. Karsten Busch und Ulrich Maehl thereby leaving a perfectly golden heritage for future generations.